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Precise, Focused, Engaging, Informed, Literate, Professional…

These are the words that should guide the content of the copy on your website, posting, article, press release, newsletter or other literature. But how do you make sure that happens?

That’s what I do. The WordShop is by journalist/editor Ted Davis. I review, shape and create the words in corporate literature as well as article compositions so that they achieve these benchmarks. Both corporate messaging and works of journalism are presented clearly, concisely and on-message.

I specialize in rendering complex technical concepts into more understandable word pictures. Accurate new copy is composed for websites, postings, newspaper/magazine articles, press releases, newsletters and more.

Copy that has already been written can be edited for corrections to grammar, spelling, style, etc. Precise descriptions, mistake-free English and creative composition are all top priorities.

Go to WordShop for copy that is clear, concise and professional. And please check out the samples below. Thank you for considering WordShop.

Ted Davis

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Work Samples

Technologies drive countless functions, from daily lifestyle applications to medical science breakthroughs. Many aspects of technology have been covered in written accounts by me. As such, complex technical concepts can be clearly described in print, whether for corporate literature or published editorial content. Please check out the samples here.


Corporate messaging is now facing some unprecedented challenges, as stakeholders navigate new marketing terrain. As they do so, it may be helpful to have some literary advice available for consulting on copy writing and editing. This can be applied to website updates, press releases, new product announcements, social media postings, annual reports, company archives and more.


The wheels keep on rolling, regardless of challenges like Covid. Meanwhile, automotive technology continues to rapidly evolve away from its reliance on fossil fuels. I can provide literature on these changes that is written clearly, accurately and with style.


The business of travel is on a slow but steady return to normal – or at least a new normal. One day, the pandemic will be effectively banished. Until then, please review a few travel news highlights from past years. And kindly consider WordShop for composing/reworking company literature or editorial content when the time is right.


The place you choose to stay at night is often the best part of a trip. There is no reason that needs to change, as we look ahead to post-pandemic travels. A few examples of great accommodations are here – elements of these descriptions may be a good fit with your property literature or projected editorial coverage.


Travel dreams are back, as the world emerges from the Covid crisis. Stories and descriptions of faraway lands have kept those dreams alive, ready to inspire new journeys. Part of my work is to find and document the experience of world travel, and I can apply that knowledge to your travel and tourism literature.


Personal profiles have become a regular part of life online. But writing profiles that are concise and descriptive, without being overdone, can be challenging. To determine which background facts should be included to present an engaging, accurate profile is just part of the process. I’m available to offer assistance for these jobs.


Wildlife continues to be under a critical threat of extinction around the planet, and never more so than at the present. The pandemic has deepened the biodiversity crisis, by reducing the vital flow of funds that travellers contribute to conservation funding. Helping to end this crisis is a strong motivator, and I can provide dedication and knowledge for writing projects that focus on this field.


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From press releases to marketing copy, website content to blog posts, WordShop is happy to help with compositions and editing. Contact me with a few details about your project and I will get back to you quickly with a response and cost estimate.

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